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As eCommerce specialists, WooCommerce is our tool of choice when building highly effective platforms which help businesses grow.

WooCommerce takes up 39% of the global eCommerce platform marketshare, making it the most widely used eCommerce platform in the world and for a good reason. Offering a whole host of customisability and flexibility, WooCommerce is a fantastic foundation for a high converting eCommerce website.

Why WooCommerce?

Customisation – As web developers, WooCommerce is a dream come true – not only is it open source but it also has an impressive library of extensions to choose from, meaning it offers some of the best flexibility on the market. This means there are very few limitations in place when it comes to customisation and conversion optimisation.

SEO – Because WooCommerce offers such a wealth of flexibility, this also extends to its potential for excellent SEO optimisation. When it comes to SEO you also have complete control over the tactics you employ and how you build out your platform to maximise search engine success.

It’s easy to use – Whilst it may require some expert WooCommerce web developers to set up and optimise, a good developer will build the backend with your team in mind and make everything as easily accessible as possible. It’s also built out on WordPress which is a familiar and intuitive platform for any seasoned marketer.

Speed – The WooCommerce sites we’ve built have an excellent track record of speed and performance. The flexibility of WooCommerce and WordPresses means there are always opportunities to refine and optimise the site even further.

Fees – Lower transactional and monthly fees. Where competitors take a slice of the pie with every transaction made through your store, WooCommerce takes absolutely nothing. The only fees you’ll pay are your payment processor fees such as Stripe. WooCommerce also charges zero monthly fees whereas competitors such as Shopify can charge up to $2,000+ per month.

“We've worked with Unfold for just over 18 months on the design, launch, and all subsequent development of our website. Throughout they have been proactive, professional, and have delivered an excellent result for our customers.”

Yoel Sevi

Head of Growth

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