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WordPress web design is one of the most common services we deliver for our clients. WordPress is the world’s number one content management system (CMS) given its ability to support a huge range of technical and business needs, from e-commere, to booking platforms, to blogs and news sites and anything in between. Whilst we aren’t solely a WordPress web design agency, it certainly takes up the lion’s share of our time – and for a good reason!

WordPress has been a long-standing leader among competing CMS, probably due to its relative ease of use as well as its versatile nature. Because of its commonplace usage and intuitive layout, it’s also familiar to many of our clients offering them far more flexibility and long-term autonomy over the management of their content and wider website development.

But is WordPress right for you? And if it is, what’s the best way to make your WordPress web design and development phase as smooth and efficient as possible?

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WordPress web design: is WordPress the right CMS for you?

Good WordPress web design and development needs the following CMS features as a solid foundation;

  • Is the CMS tried and tested and reliable?
  • Is the CMS flexible and editable?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Is it intuitive and easy to pick up for business team members?
  • How easy is it to add new pages and make changes?
  • Will the CMS support a stunning, intuitive, responsive design?

Top things to consider when thinking about WordPress web design

If you, like many, have already decided to make WordPress the home of your online business you’ll probably want to prioritise a few things;

  • Fantastic UX, to improve conversions and user retention, to do this, make sure you undertake user research with real users,
  • If you have an eCommerce website build iteratively to MVP stage first – don’t build it all in one go. You’ll likely waste time and money building features which don’t even work. Insead test and release features one by one based off your user research findings.
  • A stunning look and feel which embodies your brand whilst winning conversions is a balancing act but absolutely key to boosting your revenue,
  • Great Information Architecture is key to supporting your users as well as your SEO efforts,
  • Once finished, will your website be easy for you to make changes to? Or will your agency need to be the ones to make all the changes for you (and possibly charge you a hefty fee for the privilege)? Or will they have made it super easy for you to use and update when you wish?

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“We’ve worked with Unfold on a number of design and technical projects – they’ve always managed to execute the vision I have and helped me communicate it with the world. They’ve been incredible at understanding the requirements and turning that into fantastic experiences for our customers.”

Dana Lattouf

CEO at Tickitto

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