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Meet the team

We’re a dedicated team of passionate problem-solvers and technical thinkers.

Team meeting at digital design agency in Bristol

We thrive on building close connections with our clients.

Working with us is more like super-charging your existing team than your traditional client-agency relationship. We aim to take as much complexity off of our partner’s plates as possible and ensure their digital platforms deliver success.

Harry Cobbold - Managing Director

Harry founded Unfold in 2018, driven by the belief that clients shouldn’t have to choose between exceptional user experience design and technical expertise.​ At Unfold, he blends both disciplines together to unlock potential and help organisations achieve their objectives.​ He also oversees Unfold’s strategy and culture, believing strongly that a happy, healthy team is a fundamental component of doing great work.

Harry Cobbold

Managing Director

Peter Spicer - Technical Lead

Peter is a seasoned developer with 15+ years of commercial web development experience (and as you’d expect) he’s a dab-hand with everything in the PHP ecosystem. Peter has an impressive CV, building white labelled SaaS applications for the likes of Microsoft UK, Adobe, Xerox and Vodafone. He’s also worked for some of the biggest universities in the UK and Ireland including Cambridge University and Dublin City University, developing code that is now used as part of the world’s most popular learning management system. Here at Unfold he oversees everything tech, working with clients on their technology strategy and architecting each product to ensure everything we create is user-centred, scalable and dependable.

Peter Spicer

Technical Lead

Izzy McLellan - UX designer

Izzy leads on projects across the UX design process; from thorough user interviews through to beautiful interface design. A meticulous researcher, prototyper and designer, Izzy is known for her unique ability to uncover in-depth customer insights and take them all the way through to create seamless, user-validated designs. Izzy has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts and a master’s degree in Computational Arts from the University of London.


Izzy McLellan

UX designer

Ian Farrell - Senior Web Developer

Ian has been developing websites for over 15 years and is our resident WordPress CMS expert. His strong awareness of design, usability, information architecture and SEO means he can produce the highest quality websites for our clients using the most popular and flexible CMS on the web.


Ian Farrell

Senior Web Developer

Alice Hodges - Marketing Manager

Alice is Unfold’s Marketing Manager and responsible for bringing the Unfold brand to life. With a strong background in B2C digital marketing and eCommerce, her experience working for various brands positions her perfectly to promote the development and growth of Unfold. Her focus is on telling the story of our incredible clients, understanding the needs of our future clients and ensuring that we deliver value in all of our marketing activities.


Alice Hodges

Marketing Manager

Georgia Hill - Project Manager

As Project Manager, Georgia is responsible for the efficient and streamlined running of our studio team and processes. With a strong background in Product and Project Management, Georgia combines her experience of connecting people with her meticulous eye for detail, to ensure both the smooth implementation and successful delivery of projects for our clients.


Georgia Hill

Project Manager

Our trusted collaborators

When a project requires it, we bring in our team of seasoned specialists to boost your project with their expert know-how and skills.

Ben Wallis - Snr PHP/WordPress developer


Snr PHP/WordPress developer

Sue Bush - Brand Strategy & Identity


Brand Strategy & Identity

Jon Boon - Google Analytics, GA4/GTM


Google Analytics, GA4/GTM

David James - UX, UI and WordPress


UX, UI and WordPress

What makes us different?

  • 01

    Simplify the complex

    We’re experts at focusing in on what matters. We reduce the noise and distil journeys down into easy and enjoyable experiences. The result is a digital product which delivers on your KPIs.

  • 02

    Transparent partnerships

    We thrive on forming close, personal partnerships with our clients, and want you to see us as an extension of your existing team. Through collaboration and trust, we work together to deliver fantastic results.

  • 03

    Hit the ground sprinting

    We stay lean and iterate quickly to ensure a focus on getting user feedback early. This takes away the guess-work, reduces risk and means we build products that users actually want. It’s a much faster, smarter and more responsive way to work.

  • 04

    Tech for the future

    We carefully select the most appropriate technologies for your project based on your long term objectives. This ensures scalability and future-proofing of your technology is built in from the start.

What we do

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