Web apps

Our experienced team of engineers are experts in dealing with complex requirements and creating intelligent, flexible solutions to match.

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Marketing sites

We combine creative flair with technical know-how to create elegant and highly flexible websites that perform. 

Meet the team

Harry Cobbold - Managing Director Harry Georgia Hill - Project Manager Georgia Ian Farrell - Senior Web Developer Ian Izzy McLellan - UX designer Izzy
David James - UX, UI and WordPress David
Sue Bush - Brand Strategy & Identity Sue
Jon Boon - Google Analytics, GA4/GTM Jon
Victoria Malcolm - Copywriter Victoria

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User experience (UX)

Making digital experiences seamless, joyful and easy to understand by centring the design process around the end-user.

Meet the team

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“There's a genuine belief that we have been able to do something that was borderline impossible to do and we've converted a task that could take months if not a year into a matter of minutes. That has been achieved only because we worked with Unfold to help us bring into life into being the algorithm that we had designed. ”

Andrew Hicks, CEO

What makes us different?

  • Simplify the complex

    We’re experts at focusing in on what matters. We reduce the noise and distil journeys down into easy and enjoyable experiences. The result is a digital product which delivers on your KPIs.

  • Transparent partnerships

    We thrive on forming close, personal partnerships with our clients, and want you to see us as an extension of your existing team. Through collaboration and trust, we work together to deliver fantastic results.

  • Hit the ground sprinting

    We stay lean and iterate quickly to ensure a focus on getting user feedback early. This takes away the guess-work, reduces risk and means we build products that users actually want. It’s a much faster, smarter and more responsive way to work.

  • Tech for the future

    We carefully select the most appropriate technologies for your project based on your long term objectives. This ensures scalability and future-proofing of your technology is built in from the start.