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Muddy Trowel

When the world went into lockdown in early March 2020, we joined a small team aiming to rescue stock stuck in garden centers and nurseries all over the UK. As a member of the founding team we led on digital product and eCommerce – launching Muddy Trowel in July 2020 to allow customers to have beautiful container gardening delivered to them directly from the website.

The challenge

At launch, Muddy Trowel was offering a brand new proposition to the market, which meant we had to pay especially close attention to customers’ wants and needs.

There were two key challenges:

Firstly, we had to find a way to make gardening more accessible to a new generation – no longer would joyful blooms only be available to the experienced gardener. Muddy Trowel wanted their product to be for everyone, and so by extension, the website as well. We were charged with creating a digital home for the brand that would provide an experience for customers, not just a transaction.

Alongside this, we also needed to build technology that would be capable of growing and evolving with the business. Muddy Trowel had ambitions right from the off to be a household name, so providing technology that would allow them to cope with fast growth was essential.

The outcome

We’ve worked with Muddy Trowel since its launch in 2020 to grow the business to where it is today. Working in an agile fashion we lead on their eCommerce design and technology, delivering updates and improvements to the site that have allowed the business to flourish.

Key figures (last updated Q2 2022)

  • Revenue up 2.4x YoY
  • NPS > 90
  • Sustained growth in average basket size and conversion rate through 2021
  • Subsequently raised £1m to scale the business in 2022

Perfecting the user experience

Simplicity and user journeys

A key requirement in launching any new proposition is learning from customers early and often. Along with the Muddy Trowel team, we were able to learn from individual interviews with prospective customers through to focus groups and large customer surveys. This insight was essential in guiding product strategy and positioning.

In terms of the website, it led to two key insights. Firstly, that customers liked the premium nature of the product and the online store had to be reflective of an experience rather than a transaction.

Secondly, that the tyranny of choice is a real problem in the gardening world. We needed to devise simple ways to organise products and information in an engaging, understandable way that less experienced gardeners could access. Thus allowing everyone to enjoy beautiful flowers that work well together and crucially, are easy to keep alive!

We've worked with Unfold for just over 18 months on the design, launch, and all subsequent development of our website. Throughout they have been proactive, professional, and have delivered an excellent result for our customers. Overall, Harry and the team have been lovely to work with and I'd happily recommend them to other companies.

Yoel Sevi, Head of Growth at Muddy Trowel
Yoel Sevi, Head of Growth at Muddy Trowel

Technical excellence

Building WordPress & WooCommerce for scale

The second half of the equation for launching the business is providing the technology to power the business online. For this project, we opted to use WordPress and WooCommerce. This technical stack provides great modularity and editability of the website via WordPress’ block-based system.

WooCommerce then provides the building blocks for a slick eCommerce platform which we’re able to customise specifically for Muddy Trowel’s needs.

We then utilised a number of integrations such as HubSpot, Stripe and advanced eCommerce analytics to allow the Muddy team to grow the business and provide customers with an exceptional experience from website to garden.

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