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If you’re seeking a Laravel development agency, you’re likely already in the know about some of the available frameworks for web app development. Laravel is one of our favourite frameworks to utilise for a few reasons:

  • Laravel’s MVC based PHP framework provides high performance, increased security, and scalability.
  • Object-oriented libraries, which have heaps of amazing features for developers,
  • It’s template engine, Blade offers a huge range of benefits, including template inheritance and flexible data display
  • Eloquent ORM makes the developer’s interaction with databases easier and less time-consuming.

What all of the above comes down to, is that Laravel allows developers to write and develop web apps rapidly, getting you to market quicker.

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As a Laravel development agency, what’s our overall development process?

When working with businesses we use the following process to ensure we maximise positive outcomes and create platforms that users truly love.

  • Idea discovery – here we consider the gap in the market, refine the idea and lay out what the likely Minimum Viable Product (MVP) features will be.
  • Next we test this idea with users to gain feedback.
  • On the back of this feedback, we’d build out a wireframe and fill this out into a working prototyping using no or low-code software (we use Adobe XD and Figma)
  • We’d then test this prototype with users again to gain further insights into their behaviour, wants and needs and ultimately the factors which lead them to become customers.
  • The next phase is to build this prototype out into MVP form, with the minimum features needed to operate. This allows us to launch to market quickly so we can start learning from real-world users even faster.
  • The next phase is to continually test with your users. For each new feature you build you should test and release them one by one to have an accurate idea of cause and effect of any changes in performance. Doing this will prevent a lot of wasted time and resources building features which users don’t want and impacting your metrics. It also means that your users are far more likely to really love your product as it’s built exactly in line with their needs and wants.

So, what next?

As a Web Development Agency, Laravel isn’t the only excellent framework we use, but it is one of the leading PHP frameworks out there and has helped us take countless clients from idea to reality in record time. If you’re armed with knowledge (or even better an entire knowledgeable team), you’ll have a stunning, reliable website that actually gets you conversions in no time.

Want some tailored advice from a Laravel Development Agency? Get in touch below and we’ll be happy to chat over your project and options.

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“Working with Unfold is always a delight. Their collaborative approach in designing solutions enabled us to quickly highlight the pain points in our customer’s journey and then find the best way to solve them. With their help, we’ve been able to make significant improvements to the site in just a few weeks. I look forward to continuing to work with Unfold on future projects.”

Tsuiyee Cheng

Head of Product

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