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If you’re here looking for a web app development agency that can deliver significantly improved conversion rates, teamed with higher user satisfaction and retention – you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we develop web apps, but we design them too, meaning we’re able to offer a complete service that few other agencies have mastered.

We’ve worked with numerous award-winning businesses that are looking to simplify complex backend processes into a smooth user-friendly front-end interface. A web application is a perfect home for this, offering a sleek, interactive, customisable solution.

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How to build a web app, advice from a web app development agency

We design and build web apps using the MVP methodology. This involves building to a Minimum Viable Product in the first instance and building your platform’s features out iteratively. As a web app development agency, we’ve found this to be by far the best method for creating beautifully designed websites and web apps, with high user retention and conversions.

Here’s how we do it;

  • Refine your idea, start thinking big and list out all the features you’d like your web app to have.
  • Following this, condense these ideas right down into only the most necessary features – these will be the features you include in your MVP. Consider how long this will take to develop, and decide the pros/cons of time it will take to develop against the value of the feature to the customer and the business.
  • Test this idea with your users and gain feedback.
  • Following this feedback, build your wireframes and create a low or no-code prototype (we like to use Adobe XD and Figma to do this).
  • Test this prototype with your users again and make any changes according to their feedback.
  • Now you’re ready to build out your MVP in full code and with the final MVP features. The aim is to get this version of your web app launched as quickly as possible so that you can start learning from your users.
  • From here on out, for each new feature you want to build you’ll need to test it rigorously with your users first. All your new feature releases should be based on your user research and demand. This is for a few reasons;
    • It reduces wasted time and money building features you don’t need,
    • It means your end web app will be built completely in line with your users’ requirements, and will consequently drive far better results of your business.

So, what next?

Using a Web app development agency can be one of the best ways to build your online platform. Not only can it be cheaper than hiring, but you’ll also benefit from an entire team’s worth of experience that has delivered countless successful projects just like yours many many times before.

As a Web app development agency, we’ve worked with numerous award-winning clients looking to supercharge their startup or scale-up business. If you’re armed with knowledge (or even better an entire knowledgeable team), you’ll have a stunning, reliable website that actually gets you conversions in no time.

Want some more information or advice? Get in touch below and we’ll be happy to chat over your project and options.

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