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Serving up a web app for a private chef booking startup - as seen on Dragons Den

Y/HANGRY booking site

Y/Hangry is a startup which allows customers to book a private chef to cook a delicious meal in their own home. Having proved the model with a basic prototype and a successful seed round in 2019, they came to us looking for a technical partner to build the platform that would allow them to scale the business.

The challenge

This partnership was all about the tech. Working with the Y/Hangry design team we had to translate early wireframes into deliverable technology. We worked closely with their team to create detailed and in-depth technical documentation that would produce the architecture for a fast, scalable and dependable application. This careful consideration allowed us to select the right technologies that would meet Y/Hangry’s short & long term needs.

The outcome

Lead by our experienced technical team, we worked in a series of iterative development sprints to deliver three key pieces of functionality: a marketing website and booking app for users to select their menu and book a chef. A portal for chefs on the platform to sign up and accept jobs and lastly an admin portal for the Y/Hangry team to manage the business through.

For scalability, access to talent and modularity we selected to work with Laravel, React & WordPress for this project.

Grubs up

A custom web application for hungry customers

One of the core components of the application is the event booking process. This allows customers to choose all the components they need for their perfect private chef experience. Everything from selecting the date, number of attendees or building your own menu plus much more. Our tech powers the complex logic that supports all these choices and takes the customer through to purchase.

A separate My Account area then allows customers to view, manage and add to their orders, so more friends can always join the party!

Y/HANGRY set menus page Y/HANGRY chef timings Y/HANGRY event details page

For the Y/HANGRY build, we wove together React, Laravel, Nova, Forge & AWS. This collection of well established technologies offered the right level of flexibility to achieve the project goals and turn the exciting ideas into useful scalable features for the business.

Charlie Coggans - Technical Lead
Charlie Coggans, Technical Lead

Ready, set, cook

Portal for chefs to manage their work

The chef portal is another key part of Y/Hangry’s digital strategy. The portal allows new chefs to register and be vetted by Y/Hangry before being allowed onto the marketplace. Once they’re all signed up and approved they can then use the portal to receive notifications about the latest jobs, sign up and see the menus that have been requested by the customer.

Y/HANGRY chef jobs page

Hungry work

Important back office tech to power the business

As part of the build we also had to design the back-office tech that would allow the Y/Hangry team to effectively manage chefs and customers with as much automation as possible. Built using Laravel Nova, the admin portal provides a single source to manage everything in the business: from customer orders or assigning chefs to jobs through to tasks like managing ingredients or discount coupons.

Y/HANGRY booking app dashboard

Mixing it up

A flexible marketing site

We chose to use WordPress for the marketing site so that the Y/Hangry marketing team has the flexibility to evolve the site as they learn more about their customers. Using its block-based system the team can edit content, imagery and even change the layout of the pages completely dynamically. We also built custom integrations to allow data such as set menus and current dishes to be pulled through from the Laravel application to display on the WordPress site.

Y/HANGRY marketing WordPress site home page

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