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Redefining the booking experience for storage disruptor LOVESPACE

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We work with LOVESPACE to constantly improve their digital product strategy and user experience design. Working closely with the in-house product team, we lead and deliver on projects across discovery, research and design – all with the aim of enhancing the customer's experience of LOVESPACE as well as improving vital performance metrics.

The challenge

When LOVESPACE initially approached Unfold, their website had become disjointed, the brand diluted and a complex service offering had created a confusing customer sign-up funnel. Together with our friends at The District (art direction/brand) we set about overhauling the website to improve the customer experience and increase business KPI’s.

The outcome

Revenues up >10% YOY (2019)

Number of customers served up 13% YOY (2019)

Interaction over explanation

Helping customers get the right price for their storage

One of LOVESPACE’s key USP’s is flexibility. Want to store exactly 26 boxes? You got it. Need them back after 4 months? No problem. Want to pay for exactly what you need and not a penny more? Of course you do.

One problem though – throw in a few bulk, loyalty and long term discounts into the mix. Add some packing materials to that and suddenly your oh so simple proposition has become a rather complicated pricing model. Our challenge – allow users to see their price quickly and easily.

Through our design process of research, testing and iteration we were able to quickly learn that interaction – not explanation, was the solution. Users don’t want to read at length to understand your proposition, and they certainly don’t want to get a calculator out to work out how much it’s going to cost them.

That’s why we designed a highly interactive, visual pricing calculator. Reducing the previous 8 pages required to get a quote into one. Now customers can simply adjust sliders to vary the amounts they need of each item, with the price (and all their eligible discounts) appearing automatically.


It was so easy working with Harry and the Unfold team. They really seek to understand your specific objectives, listen to users and provide early challenge. They are brilliant and thoughtful collaborators.

Steve Folwell, CEO of LOVESPACE
Steve Folwell, CEO of LOVESPACE

Space to breathe

Redesigning LOVESPACE’s landing pages

In order to declutter and refocus LOVESPACE’s landing pages we first turned to their customers. Through a combination of research, interviews and focus groups we sought to understand exactly why existing and potential customers use LOVESPACE and their unique ‘we collect, we store, we deliver’ proposition.

With key themes across trust, credibility and convenience identified we were able to begin the wire-framing process. Working quickly and iteratively meant we were able to get rough designs in front of customers for vital feedback and validation within days. Learning from 1-1 customer interviews we continued to iterate before building the design into high fidelity branded mockups.

LOVESPACE landing page

The design proposals were really impressive. The thought behind the design and the functionality of the booking page was outstanding.

Carl August Ameln, Chairmen of LOVESPACE
Carl August Ameln, Chairmen of LOVESPACE

Every box ticked

Creating a digital design system built to scale

LOVESPACE needed a design system which could unify their digital products with a distinctive and effective user interface.

We created a number of bespoke UI components designed to maximise usability, accessibility and effectiveness. We looked in-depth at each components form, function and context to ensure they worked both individually and coherently as part of a wider design system.

The result was the creation of a digital design guide which will ensure every LOVESPACE product is both consistent and as easy to use as possible.

LOVESPACE digital styleguide 01 LOVESPACE digital styleguide 02 CTAs LOVESPACE digital styleguide 03 form states LOVESPACE digital styleguide 04 UI components LOVESPACE digital styleguide 05 UX principles

Working with Unfold is always a delight. Their collaborative approach in designing solutions enabled us to quickly highlight the pain points in our customer’s journey and then find the best way to solve them. With their help, we’ve been able to make significant improvements to the site in just a few weeks. I look forward to continuing to work with Unfold on future projects.

Tsuiyee Cheng, Head of product at LOVESPACE
Tsuiyee Cheng, Head of Product at LOVESPACE

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