Webinar | How to build a powerful community around your business | Q&A with Ash Phillips

Author: Unfold Agency

In episode 4 of Below the Fold, we were joined by Ash Phillips, Founder of Dffrnt. Dffrnt is a community of startup founders and entrepreneurs, offering accelerator-like support on a subscription basis. Community building is a hugely powerful and under-utilised tool for business at any stage, not just startups. Ash has spent years building the Dffrnt community to what it is today, and is better equipped than anyone to tell us exactly what it takes to harness a community for business growth.

About Below the Fold:

Below the Fold is a Q&A event series from Bristol-based digital design and development agency, Unfold. Hosted by Unfold’s founder, Harry Cobbold, these events place business experts in the Q&A hot seat, to share knowledge and educate.

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