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Webinar | How to get Grant Funding for your tech or software

What you'll learn

  • What makes for a fundable tech/software project?
  • Getting ready for grant funding
  • What's available in the tech and software funding space at the moment?
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About the webinar

This is a joint webinar hosted by Unfold and Granted Consultancy. The webinar aims to uncover the grant funding landscape for innovative software businesses looking to gain extra funding. We’ll also be touching on topics such as how to project manage and how to build a grant fundable piece of software.

About the speakers:

Harry Cobbold is the founder of Unfold, a Bristol-based web design and development agency with a laser focus on UX design for startups and scale-ups. Harry has worked alongside numerous award-winning teams as well as featuring on mentorship and speaking panels in Bristol and the South West. In this webinar he’ll be discussing all things software development, managing the build and how you can set up for funding success from the very beginning.

Tom Kennard is one of the Granted Consultancy Directors. Specialising in disruptive technology solutions, Tom brings clarity to the alignment between strategic goals and funding requirements. Tom’s incisive intelligence, be it with tech start-ups, international funders, policy stakeholders or established market players, ensures successful outcomes and achieved goals.

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