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We’re a team of WooCommerce web developers & designers based in Bristol, UK.

As the most widely used eCommerce platform in the world, WooCommerce is highly flexible and offers a great foundation for high converting eCommerce websites. As eCommerce specialists, it’s our tool of choice when building highly effective platforms which help businesses grow.

Providing excellent functionality and customisation, WooCommerce is a great option for anyone looking to launch an online store quickly and easily.

There are many reasons why WooCommerce comes up trumps in our opinion and experience, we’ve listed some of these below.

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What makes WooCommerce better than alternatives?

  • Flexibility: With WooCommerce you’re able to customise your site to meet your exact needs. As an open source platform you will have complete ownership, and with a huge library of extensions to choose from, it provides everything you need to launch your online store. When it comes to customisation and conversion optimisation almost anything is possible.
  • Security: WooCommerce sites offer a number of core security features as standard, and in every new release there are additional features to make it even more secure and reliable. There are also a selection of security plugins available if you’d like the added comfort of an extra layer of security.
  • SEO: With the use of both WordPress and WooCommerce you are in control of improving your SEO and visibility in search results. By modifying your page and product URLs, meta descriptions, product descriptions and adding customer reviews you can easily boost your search ranking. And of course, there is also a WooCommerce SEO plugin available if you are looking to really achieve those top spots in Google search.
  • Performance: WooCommerce stores provide better performance with fewer computing resources compared to alternative eCommerce solutions. WooCommerce sites are fast and reliable, with the flexibility to continually optimise your site as your business grows.
  • Inventory management: The unique WooCommerce inventory management system allows you to track products closely and will notify you when a minimum inventory limit is reached. On top of this an intelligent Out Of Stock feature will help you manage stock levels for your business.

So, what next?

As an eCommerce Development Agency, we believe that WooCommerce provides everything you need to build a highly successful, high converting site to help your business meet its potential.

Want some tailored advice from a WooCommerce Development Agency? Get in touch below and we’ll be happy to chat over your project and options.

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“There are new ideas coming from the Unfold team, things I hadn't necessarily thought of within the original scope of the project. They don't just take everything we say as gospel, if the team thinks things can be improved on they tell us, and that's always really appreciated.”

Ollie Borlase

Content Specialist at Corsearch

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