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Design better products

In this phase we'll guide you through the process of turning customer insight into market-moving products. We'll solve real-world problems with solutions that delight customers.

Design better products

What's this all about?

  • Build world-class experiences for your customers
  • Streamline the customer-journey
  • Make products more engaging
  • Declutter and improve existing products
  • Design new features
  • Improve conversion rates and KPI’s

What do I get out of this?

  • Clickable high-fidelity digital prototype
  • User-tested and validated designs
  • Assets for seamless development handover

What services do we provide?


You know a whole lot about your customers, their problems and the challenges your industry faces. We know a whole lot about drawing out brilliant ideas and turning them into world-class experiences.

In these sessions we bring that expertise together using our tried and tested design process. We’ll identify the ideas and opportunities that will resonate most strongly with customers and start to give them form. Sticky notes at the ready!


The strongest concepts to come out of the co-creation sessions are then brought forward to a highly iterative prototyping phase.

We’ll work through different stages of prototype – starting from sketches and low-fidelity wireframes through to a fully designed digital prototype.

Throughout this process we’ll test with users, learn and iterate the designs. We can change direction quickly and easily.

Product design

Throughout the product design phase of a project we’ll lean on 3 core design disciplines:

User experience (UX) design: making the entire product experience seamless, joyful and easy to understand.

User interface (UI) design: creating interfaces which are beautiful, highly polished and easy to interact with.

Information architecture (IA): Ensuring the product as intuitive and navigable as possible.

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