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Build the right thing

We’ll work together to create and validate new products and services. Our method for analysing and refining concepts will show you where the big opportunities lie, reduce risk and help build products people really want.

Build the right thing

What's this all about?

  • Unlock the innovative potential of your idea
  • Benefit from trusted and experienced expertise
  • Validate ideas and concepts that will be highly demanded
  • Reduce the risk of building the wrong thing
  • Avoid time/budget waste with more efficient processes

What do I get out of this?

  • User persona(s)
  • User insights from thematic analysis
  • Project & business objectives set (short & long term)
  • Set and align on the most important KPI’s and metrics
  • A project delivery timeline (which we’ll actually stick to)

What services do we provide?

New product strategy

This is where we unpack your idea and define a plan for growth.

We’ll consider how to position your product against the marketplace, define the all-important metrics for success and set some ambitious but achievable targets.

If you’re planning to raise further finance we’ll take particular care to hone in on the metrics that will ensure you can hit that next round of funding.

User research

Users are at the centre of everything we do – we don’t operate using guess-work.

At the start of the project we’ll guide you through the process of collecting the insights that matter.

We’ll design user interview schedules, conduct focus groups and perform a thematic analysis which will inform the creation of user personas.

Lean methodologies

We’ll align the whole team around a set of methodologies that will help us to reduce waste (of time, money and resources), improve communication and focus on learning from customers faster.

What this means for you is more frequent and useful updates, a more reactive and flexible approach and quicker to-market delivery than those (dare we say it) other agencies you’re talking to.

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