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The self storage and logistics industries have traditionally been slow to pick up on modern technologies but as things become increasingly competitive, this is changing. Those who adopt new initiatives early will be the future market-leaders of this industry. We’ve already helped several clients completely overhaul their business operations using tech, offering them huge savings in time and overheads.

About the sector

The storage industry has been steadily growing over the years, helped by an increase in demand during COVID, with consumers clearing out belongings from their homes to make “work from home” office spaces. We’ve worked with several storage and logistics clients to transform their technology – automating their manual processes, saving them heaps in time and overheads whilst also providing customers with better experiences. It’s clear to see that the right tech can be hugely transformative for businesses in this industry, with plenty of room still for innovators and disruptors. 

Two of our clients Storeox and Sherpr are great examples of what can be achieved: 

Storebox are a self-storage company who came to us looking for a complete overhaul of their business operations. They wanted a completely contact-free, automated booking process for their customers which allowed for instant access to their storage unit. We developed a system which made this possible, from transparent pricing to text messages for access and key pick-up, this made huge savings for them and meant they could focus on growing the business rather than managing customers and admin.

Sherpr are a luggage shipping business who approached us as their business was operationally on its knees due to fast growth. They were overwhelmed by the manual processes needed to operate their business and were looking for a tech partner to solve this. Through the use of APIs and other automations, we were able to offer them huge time and financial savings. Things like customs forms and shipping labels, which their team had previously had to organise and send to relevant parties manually, were now dealt with completely automatically. This left their team with far more resources to spend on growing the business, rather than running it. And the results are clear to see – Sherpr experienced their first ever 6-figure month shortly after they launched their new platform with us.

Check out both the case studies for these clients below. 

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