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As an eCommerce web design agency, we work with clients every day who want to drive higher conversions and higher user retention. With many businesses now operating exclusively online, highly effective websites are absolutely paramount to the whole business’ success – so it’s a pretty big responsibility! Thankfully, we have a track record of driving outstanding results for our clients and we’re about to share a few of our tricks of the trade with you below.

How do you build a website which drives conversions and purchases?

The answer lies in your users and customers, the people whose purchases will be keeping your business afloat. If you don’t give them a compelling reason to buy from you, and make their lives along the purchase journey as easy as possible – why exactly should they part with their hard-earned cash for your products? They won’t, sadly.

Consider how many times you’ve used a website or web app and it’s been so nightmarish to use that you’ve given up before having the chance to make a purchase? It can often just be one annoying feature which is difficult to get past, making users abandon their items in the basket, never to return. It happens all the time, and it’s a shame really, because with a bit of careful consideration and clever design, businesses really needn’t lose these customers.

This is why it’s of vital importance that you design and build your website or web app with your users in mind.

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So how do you build your website or web app for your users?

The answer lies at the heart of user testing. You need to be launching and learning from your users at the earliest stage possible. As an eCommerce web design agency, we work with clients every day who want to drive higher conversions and higher user retention. Our method is to launch using a Minimum Viable Product (or MVP). By launching using the minimum features required to function, you will:

  • Get to market quicker, meaning you can start learning from users quicker,
  • You avoid guesswork. Learn what features users really need from user testing and build from your findings,
  • Reduce wasted time building features which don’t work the way you thought they would, or offer users the experience they want.
  • The end result is a website or web app which converts far more efficiently than those built using the standard methodology.

What about tech?

This is another really important consideration when building the foundations of your website or web app.

Consider the following scenario; You’ve just had a PR gig and your website traffic spikes – do you have the tech in place to support the rush in visitors or do you lose out on the potential sales from the PR opportunity and embarrass yourselves in the process because your website has crashed, damaging your brand?

Another very important consideration is website speed; Did you know that you lose 10% of users per second your website takes to load? Did you know that website speed also has a huge impact on your SEO ranking, as well as your ads performance and can incur a much higher ad spend because it reduces your ads relevance score?

Another thing to consider; is your tech scalable, as your business expands over the future, will you need to completely rebuild your website in order to accommodate more orders, more users and a wider range of products? If you’ve built out using scalable tech from the beginning, you should be able to build on the solid foundations instead of having to undertake a complete overhaul.

So, what next?

Any eCommerce web design agency should put users and user testing at the forefront of their operations. If you’re armed with knowledge (or even better an entire knowledgeable team), you’ll have a stunning, reliable website which actually gets you conversions in no time. Want some more information or advice? Get in touch below and we’ll be happy to chat over your project and options.

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